Proven and Effective Goal Setting Formula For Lazy People

lazyAfter replying to a comment on a facebook group, I thought I’d share the same message here. Have you ever wonder why you have not achieved your goal yet, even years have gone by? Do you feel sad or bad with the lack of achievements or progress that you make so far in pursuing the life that you always dream of?

Ever wonder why this is happening to you? Ever wonder why, it’s easy for others to achieve great success but not you? Are you frustrated with yourself when you found out about other’s achievements especially the ones you know who are less educated than you? If you do, don’t worry, you luck is about to change, it’s your turn to achieve your goal so keep reading.

In this article I will give you a very simple formula that you can implement right away to achieve your goal easily, especially if you are too lazy to figure out what to do or too lazy to come out with your own plan to achieve your goals and success in life. Let me share with you how to do it, the same formula that  I wrote in my first post on this blog, a couple of weeks ago. Okay, here it is…

Over the past couple of years, I have set a goal to have a six pack abs. I have watched hundreds of YouTube videos on how to do it, I read lots of articles about it, I learn the tricks and strategies on how to do it properly and spend hundreds of hour researching about how to get the results quickly. But even though years have gone by still I haven’t get what I want. Why?

Easy, because I did not take action and I was easily distracted with my daily routines. Even though I did take action 2 years ago, it was just for a short period of time and definitely you can never get what you want if you are not fully focused, committed and give all you got to achieve your goals and dreams in life.

I am sure you have experienced this before. You are excited to achieve your goal especially you new year’s resolution, you started to work on it and along the way you stop, because you are too busy with your daily routines, distracted with your surroundings and 1001 reasons (excuses) more.

So how do we “take care” of this problem. I have found the secret to that, my friend. After analysing failure over failure or should I say fail attempt over fail attempt to achieve one of my goals in life, I found out that, the secret to achieve our goal is to follow a proven, time scheduled plan with a coach or instructor who will guide us every step of the way. Let me explain.

A few months back, I found a 6-week 6-pack abs program online. After going through the information and testimonials on the program, I decided to take up the program and committed myself to follow through the whole 6 weeks duration. I started the program with a 22% body fat i.e. an average fat percentage for my age. Every morning I received an email on what to do and what to eat for that day and my role was just to follow the instructions for the whole 6 weeks duration.

That’s it, I don’t waste my time to come up with my own plan or my own strategy to have a six pack abs. I don’t have to think about which exercises work best for me, the duration of the exercise, whether to do cardio first or weight training, what food to eat, when to eat, the macronutrients intake, and all those tiny details to achieve my goal, because everything is already well planned and prepared for me by my instructor. All I have to do is just to follow them step by step every day for 6 weeks.  Thank God, on the sixth week, I was able to reduce my body fat percentage to 10%, that is a lean body fat, well done Moslem :)! and this is when I got my Eureka moment on the “secret” of achieving our goal in life.

Here’s the “secret” again, in order to achieve your goal in life, just follow these two simple steps. Number one, find a proven program that can help you to achieve your goal, and make sure that it has a specific time frame and a coach or instructor who will guide you throughout the entire program. And number two, just follow the program step by step throughout the duration of the program with your instructor and make sure you do not miss any steps, not even a single step as outlined in your program.

If you do this, you will definitely going to achieve your goal or at least you are going to be very close to achieve your goal and live the life that you always dream of.

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