How To Stay Motivated When Things Don’t Go Your Way

We feel great when things work out as planned, but we feel down and demotivated when things don’t go our way. It’s okay to feel that way but don’t stay there too long, because if you do, you won’t be able to achieve great success. So how do you move on from a temporary setback and stay motivated especially when things don’t go your way.

First and foremost don’t play the blame game. Whenever things don’t work out as planned especially if you are your own boss, do not blame others for it. Take charge of the situation and be responsible for the outcome. Rather than blaming your people, the government or the economy which is not a productive thing to do, do these 3 things instead .

One, get over it immediately. Blaming others will not fix it, it will not change anything. Rather, ask yourself a better and more productive question such as what went wrong and what can I do to fix it?

You see, I keep on telling my clients if they want to solve their problems effectively, they must ask themselves intelligent questions and not stupid questions. Let me explain.

A couple of years ago while conducting a workshop in Singapore, one of the participants shared her heart-breaking story. She lost one million US dollars in a Ponzi scheme which she initially thought as a real investment opportunity. She told us that ever since the day she realized that it was a scammed, she kept on asking herself, what I categorized as a stupid or a negative question. She kept on asking herself, why me? Why not someone else? I am a good person why me god?

Obviously, this type of question will lead her nowhere other than increasing her stress level, and it took a toll on her health. One year into the incident, she was treated for a high blood pressure and diabetes.

Rather than asking why me, why don’t ask yourself a better and a more productive question, such as what went wrong and how can I fix it?

This question will definitely require you to move and take action. And this is how you stay motivated because movements or motions influence emotions. If you feel sad, if you feel down, stand up or sit straight, look up, move around, better still run on your treadmill while trying to figure out how to fix your problem. Remember my friend motions influence and affect emotions.

So, to recap, if things don’t go your way, number one, don’t paly the blame game, get over it immediately, number two ask yourself  intelligent and productive questions and finally take actions, move mentally and physically, let your motion control your emotions.

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