How To Live A Happy Life

h1Whatever we do in our lives depend very much on our interpretations of it. We do these “interpretations’ constantly on daily basis. Everything around us has different meaning to different people including ourselves.

What is good to us might not be the case to others, we experience happiness differently that our peers, how we feel about a situation differs with how people around us feel about it and this is what makes our lives interesting and it is actually a very good thing because we are in contol.

In other words, we have a total control on our lives and more importantly on our happiness. We will be happy if we interpret whatever is happening to us according to our likings thus producing positive impacts and happiness. And of course if we interpret it negatively it will produce negative impact, negative results and unhappiness. So as you can see, we are in total control on happiness.

Let’s take a look at this scenario, last night you had a terrible argument with your spouse and you were still angry with him over something. During breakfast, he spilled a hot coffee on you, and what do you think your reactions would be? Obviously you react furiously because you think that he did it on purpose because of last night’s argument.

Now let’s look at the same situation but instead of argument with your spouse the night before, the two of you had a wonderful night, enjoying a wonderful dining experience, great movie and the like, everything was superb for the two of you. So how would you react when he spilled a hot coffee on you that morning? Definitely you are not going to be angry like the first scenario because you “know” it was just an accident and of course you “know” he did not do it on purpose.

Well, this is very interesting, how did you “know” that it’s just an accident and not on purpose? The answer lies in your interpretation. You decide what it means, thus your reactions and feelings affected by it. Because of your interpretation was totally different than the first scenario thus your reactions and actions were also different and these outcomes create happiness in you lives.

Therefore, if you want to be happy, interpret whatever happens in your life positively and productively, so that they will produce the results that will make you happy and not the other way round.