How To Deal With Haters

How do you deal with negativity, haters, negative people, negative situation or negative surrounding? There are a lot of negativities around us. We have haters all over the place. They are on youtube, on twitter, on Instagram, facebook  all over the world and they are real.

So how do we deal with them? One simple way to deal with negative people is to ignore them. Just pretend  that they do not exist and they mean nothing to you. Well, this might work, but if you are not strong mentally sooner or later they’ll get to, they will get under your skin and you don’t want that to happen right.

So is there a better way to deal with negative people? Of course, let me show you how to do it and at the same time, it will  empower you more to become a stronger and a happier person.

Dealing with negative people involve 3 things or 3 components. The first component is the reality. If they say bad things about you, your family or your business, this is called a reality. It happens, you cannot stop them from saying bad things about you. So just accept it because it is the reality of life. Some people like us and some don’t. Some people hate us and some people love us. This is called a reality.

Now that you know this is real, what are your going to do about it? The second component of dealing with negative people is called interpretation, how do you interpret what’s gong on. Let say that you have put on some weight and your hater says that you look like a fat pig. How do you respond to this statement?

It all depends on your interpretation of what’s going on. The obvious and counter-productive interpretation would be something like, yes it’s true I have put on some weight and I look horrible. You feel bad about yourself. You are mad at yourself and definitely, you are mad at you haters. You’ll fire back at them and that is the beginning of your twitter war with your haters and this response or reaction is the final component of dealing with negative people. Your response it the result of your interpretation.

Instead of negative interpretation why not interpret it positively such as you acknowledge it as a reminder for you to start to go to the gym again and eating only what’s good for your body. If this is how you interpret it, your response and reactions will be positive.

As you can see, the only thing that you can control in dealing with negative people is what’s going on inside your head that is your interpretation of the reality. You cannot change the reality if they want to say bad things about you, they will, but you can control your response to the reality by controlling your interpretation.

So how do you deal with negative people? You control them by controlling your interpretation of the reality.

However, there’s one exception to this rule, if the hate speech or statement has no basis at all then just ignore them and move on, but if there’s some truth in it then use your power of positive interpretation.