How To Compete With Big Brand Names

arroqThere are many brands that sell jeans, shirts, sports equipment, mobile phones, computers, cars, electrical appliances, etc. But only a few brand names really dominate the market and the rest are just the “me too” brands that either stay stagnant or ultimately phase out and disappear from the business scene.

So what should small companies and startups do, in order to compete with these giant brand names or is it there’s no more hope for them? Well, actually there is. The keywords to successfully compete with the big brand names in today’s competitive business environment are positioning or brand positioning or product association.

Positioning can make or break your business. If you execute it well, you will see your business grow and failure to position your brand properly will make it fall into a “me too” brand or a “me too” product, which means you will either stay stagnant or face out. So, how do you position your brand properly or what is the right approach to position your brand in the market, so that it will be among the brand of choice in your market niche?

The first thing that you must do in order to position your brand properly is to ask yourself, how do you want your customers to see your brand or what do you want them to associate your brand name with? Do you want them to associate it with commander viagra au quebec something that is unique, valuable, desirable, value for money, elite, luxury, of a high quality, etc.

Deciding on how you want your customers to see your brand or associated your brand with, is crucial especially at the early stage of your business. Once you have successfully positioned your product or brand name in the market or more specifically in the minds’ of your potential customers and public at large, the next step is to build up that brand association gradually and continuously until it becomes synonym with your intended association.

For example, nowadays Google is associated with the word “search”. It is normal for us to say “just google it” which means, just search for the information online, or we associate BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar with luxury cars. The moment your customers or public associate your brand with the association of your choice, then your product or brand will not fall into a “me too” brand category, rather it will become a brand to be reckoned with.

So, this is how big names like Nike, Coca-Coal, Apple, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, BMW, Levis, Adidas and other big names out there differentiate themselves with the “me too” brands. They have successfully positioned themselves in the mind of their customers or public as how they want their customers to see or perceive them.

To conclude, strategize to become a big brand name, be different, position your brand properly especially at the early stage of your business and do not let your customers and public see your brand as just an ordinary brand or just one of the “me too” brands.