3 Key Ingredients On How To Start Your First Business Venture Successfully

businessOver the years, I have seen many businesses come and go, some last for a couple of months and some last only for a couple of years and of course, few still exist until nowadays. One thing that amuses me is that there are also “a one hit millionaire” in business, you know just like a one hit wonder in the music industry, whereby an artist hit the top 10 billboard chart and gone forever. On the other hand, a one hit millionaire is someone who becomes a millionaire for a while and then goes back to square one or even worse, bankrupt.

So in this article, I will list out 3 key ingredients that you must have in order to start your business venture successfully so that it will last for generations to come (or at least until the day you die) and when you make it to the top you will stay there until you decide it is time to hand over your throne to your successor. Okay, let’s get started.

1. Follow Your Passion

Running your own business is tough. It is not easy to really make it to the top, but it is doable provided you know what you are doing and you are passionate about it. Since you are going to face with a lot of challenges and obstacles along the way, you are going to need something that can really motivate you to keep on going and keep pressing on forward. This is why doing something that you are passionate about is very important because you don’t feel like you are working rather you feel playing, you are happy to do it, it is enjoyable and time really flies.

For example, let say that you love to speak in front of audience, sharing your story, experience or expertise just like me, then doing it will not put any pressure on you because that is what you love to do, even you would do it for free. Well just make sure that you do not do it for free too often because you have overheads to pay and it is a business so treat it like a business.

On the other hand, whenever you face with challenges in a business that you are not passionate about, there is a tendency that you will give up or at least you feel regret about starting that business in the first place or even worse you start to play the blame game which of course, will negatively affect the people around you especially your loved ones. So remember the first key ingredient to have a successful business venture is to do something that you are passionate about.

2. Do It To Serve Others

Serve your customers very well, take care of them, treat each one of them like a king, a queen, a prince, a princess, a VIP, etc. If you do this to all your customers, you will definitely see your business grow and outperform your competitors.

One of Eben Pagan’s (a successful internet guru and a millionaire) success secret weapons is applying the principle he called “move the free line”. Moving the free line simply means that you build trust and authority with your potential customers by satisfying their needs or solving their problems or anything that you can think of, so that they trust you as the “go to person/business” when it comes to whatever business that you do and you usually do otro medicamento parecido al viagra it for free.

Once the trust and authority are there, then everything else is going to be very easy. If you do this right, the money will come to you with less effort. In other words, you will be able to sell whatever service or products to your customers without actually “selling” it to them, because in their eyes, you do not look like a salesman.

3. Know The Basic Stuff

The final ingredient to ensure that your first business venture will be successful is that, you must know at least the basic key component of running a business such as, which business entity to use, basic business financial tools, marketing, branding, pricing strategy, HR etc.

You don’t have to become an expert in all these areas, but you must know the basic stuff or at least just enough about them so that you know what to do especially in running your daily routines as the business owner. You can learn about all of these basic but important stuff with 60 Minutes Business Mastery online course, just click here to get it or if you want a significant discount for this course just subscribe above.

There you have it, the 3 key ingredients on how to start your first business venture successfully.